This year, a number of seasonal and permanent Muskoka residents have been informed that their “unstaffed (waste) bin sites” will be shut down.  There were over 45 of these sites (many of unassumed cottage roads) throughout the District of Muskoka in 2019 when the new policy was mandated by the Province of Ontario.  At the Ratepayers’ AGM in July 2019, John Klinck, the District Chair made a presentation on this issue and others related to Waste Management in Muskoka.

The program to remove these bins is now in progress, and some sites are being offered the option of curbside pick-up, or taking waste to the District landfill sites.  It has led to interesting / passionate debates amongst those affected as they weigh convenience against cost (bear proof bins are not cheap), practicality, increased road traffic, etc.

For a copy of John’s presentation, to the Ratepayers, please click on the following link – Waste ManagementSome of the material may be dated, but there is a good outline of waste management in Muskoka.