Allen Edwards

District Councillor – Ward B

1 – Improvements for TML / Better Community:

The next Council needs to complete the Official Plan Review and the By-Laws.

2 – Tax Increases / Effective Delivery:

Complete the review of the Parks & Trails master plan which includes Community Centre’s and Arenas. Also, Council should review the Master Fire Plan.

3a – Data to Justify Environmental Improvements:

Council would ask for a staff report and report back to Council.

3b – Financial Impact of Regulatory Environmental Changes:

Septic inspections will result in less pollution. If repairs are required, the owner is responsible for the cost. Site alteration by-laws will improve the environment. Any site alterations are again born by the owner. There may be an additional cost to the taxpayers due to more By-Law enforcement officers. This is what residents have been asking for.)

4 – Affordable Housing:

To make housing more affordable, the new Official Plan amendment will reduce the size of the home from 750 sq. ft. to 250 sq. ft. I would support multiple family units