Reaction to Ethics Matter Newsletter

The reaction to a newsletter and article that the MRA published the evening of October 9th has been swift and positive.  Some of the comments are posted here in the exact words of the the responder:

  • Good for you, we were just saying the same thing this morning!
  • Congratulations on a well versed and in depth perception of the current election process. The MLA is a group interested in our beloved Muskoka, however it seems their selection process to recommend candidates is flawed. Mr. Curry should not be both Councillor and MLA Member!!! This position shows signs of conflict of interest. Let us hope for a result that will deal with the many challenges that will test the integrity of all our elected reps.
  • Perhaps it would be better if both organizations (MLA and STBF) stayed out of the endorsement business.
  • Bravo to the MRA for taking the bull by the horns. We have been following the TML council for the last 4 years, many times with our eyes rolling and our jaws agape at the shenanigans and wastefulness that has been the mayor and some council members modus operandi. Hopefully, there are members of the MRA who are also MLA members and they will have an opportunity to read these ethical concerns the MRA has presented about  the MLA  and their process of endorsing political candidates to come up with their ‘slate’. We know many MLA members who use this as their only guide to choosing the candidates to vote for.  After recently reading the MLA information we received by email, my husband and I had this same discussion on our drive up to the cottage last week, and came to the conclusion that neither association collaborated on their messages and that the MLA was an elitist association. I asked my husband why we really continue to be members and whether it was just to get the annual who’s who MLA membership book!  At this time we are reconsidering continuing our membership.
  • Our sincere thanks and appreciation to those that do the work the MRA for the citizens of Muskoka by monitoring the district municipal councils and sending out timely information to its members.
  • As  a cottager many years ago, when we went to vote we did go by what the MLA suggested because we didn’t know any of the candidates, however since being here for the last twenty- three years,  I do admit that it bothers me to have the MLA telling or strongly suggesting where our votes should go. There should be a better way of voting.
  • Your recent publication  “The MRA Speaks Out – Ethics Matter” in my opinion is right on. Even before your publication I had written a letter to MLA and resigned. I would be pleased to join your organization please forward me an application.
  • We agree and are resigning from the MLA as a result.
  • Well said!!………beautifully written!
  • Many thanks. Will do, but think the original has already gone viral !!!  You both have done an excellent job of dispassionately stating the case… Well done. Several have already gotten back to me supporting my position of resigning from the M.L.A.. Henceforth you have my full support. Happy Thanksgiving and thank you again for taking the ” bull by the horns “…
  • As a long time member, I could not agree more. Seriously considering withdrawing membership.
  • Very informative, I read it all.
  • I would like to thank MRA for the excellent job that you have done this year in following the Council meetings and providing information on the election, particularly in the great job you did in having the all-candidates meeting at Port Carling Community Centre. That was an extremely well-run program. The difference between the MRA and the MLA has never been more evident. In fact one wonders what purpose there is in still belonging to the MLA.
  • I want to say what a great Report Card you put together on the council recently. Your comments were spot on and it was exactly what the ratepayers need to know about the Mayor and her antics on council.

Some Comments re the All Candidates Meeting on September 27, 2014

  • You did an excellent job under trying circumstances. Organized, under control, fair. Answering group questions with a show of hands was effective, though a little reductive…. however given the timing, understandable. Thank you for not taking any nonsense.
  • I attended your all candidates meeting in Port Carling on September 27th. It was very well run. Also, your candidate report card was balanced and more than fair, certainly better than those outrageous “star rankings” from the MLA. You are to be commended for your restraint
  • Meeting was very well run and on time.  First ever I think for this kind of meeting.  Bravo!!! The Mayor and Sandy Curry tried to hijack the question period.  Thanks for standing up to them.
  • Congratulations on an important and very well run meeting !