User Information

mepr-account-info field=”slug” – Displays the user meta field, which is chosen by “slug”

  • full_name –
  • full_name_last_first –
  • first_name_last_initial –
  • last_name_first_initial –
  • first_name –
  • last_name –
  • user_login –
  • user_email –
  • nickname –
  • description –
  • mepr-address-one –
  • mepr-address-two –
  • mepr-address-city –
  • mepr-address-zip –
  • mepr-address-country –
  • user_registered –
  • display_name –
  • ID –

Unauthorized Access Related

  • Please login to your Member Account in order to view this page.
    Shows the unauthorized message wherever this is placed. If you’ve set MemberPress up to redirect unauthorized visitors to a specific URL, then we recommend using this shortcode on that unauthorized page.
  • Content to hide in here
  • Content if logged in –
  • Content if logged in – You are logged out

Account Related

account-link – Shows a link to the Account page. It can be used on any page or post

list-subscriptions –  status=”all” – Displays a list of the current user’s active and inactive subscriptions. Since MemberPress 1.9.28 version we introduced an optional status attribute. When you remove status like this: or set it to “all” as you can see above, it will display default current’s active and inactive subscriptions. When you set status to “active”: and you will see current user’s active subscriptions. You can also display current user’s inactive subscriptions by using “expired” status: .

logout-link and login-link The above two shortcodes are both identical. They show login or logout links based on the current user’s logged-in status. The login link will direct the user to the MemberPress login page where they can log in. The logout link will log the user out and redirect them to the Logout Redirect URL you have set on your MemberPress Settings page.

mepr-login-form use_redirect=”true” -Shows a login form on a page or post. It can be used anywhere. When use_redirect = true, MemberPress will redirect the user to the login redirect URL setting located in the MemberPress Settings page.

mepr-user-file slug=”mepr_slug” user_id=””]Link Text[/mepr-user-file – Shows a link to view/download the file uploaded by a user. Replace mepr_slug with the slug of the custom field from your MemberPress > Settings > Fields tab. If you omit user_id, it will show the file for the currently logged in user; otherwise it will show the file for the user you specified by user_id. You don’t have to put the closing shortcode tag, but if you do, any text between them will be used as the link text for the file.

mepr-user-active-membership-titles userid=”” – Shows the members’ currently active membership names. If no userid is present, then it’ll default to the current member. If the member has more than one active membership, the names will be separated by a comma.

account-form -Shows the user account information form. This typically isn’t used unless you want to show account information somewhere besides the Account page that exists by default.

  • Please login to your Member Account in order to view this page.