Township Watch – June 2024

Community group concerned with proposed hospitals. Fire Chief receives Exemplary Service Medal. Steering committee to be struck for Comprehensive Zoning By-Law review. New property standard officer and building inspectors. Committee of Adjustment appointments. Should the cemetery in Port Sandfield be given a heritage designation. Township seeking input on how to protect and promote cultural heritage in the Township.

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Township Watch – May 2024

New Director of Operational Services hired. New walking trails in the Township? Township drafts new communications strategy. How many fire stations are needed in the Township? Comprehensive Zoning By-Law is being updated. Walker’s Point Community Centre kitchen upgrade contract awarded. Special events permits required for large outdoor events. Township hires new by-law enforcement officer. Lake system health presentation. Process!! Heritage registry. Committee makes changes to staff recommendations to short-term rental accommodation licensing by-law.

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Township Watch – April 2024

Some Township gravel roads fail. Arena feasibility study to be considered in Level of Service Study. Windermere Village playground deferred. Having an outdoor gather of 500 or more people, you now need a permit. Director of Operational Services retires. What is a strategic plan? District reports on Integrated Watershed Management projects. Request for a review of the Muskoka River Watershed Plan sent to the Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry.

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Township Watch – March 2024

Continual improvement at Township meetings. New playground for Windermere? Arena feasibility study says one arena for the Township. No waterfront hut at Windermere House. Walker’s Point Community Centre kitchen work to be re-tendered. CAO Recruitment Committee. Council appoints consultant for Level of Service study Sewage system inspections appointed. 2023 Building Division annual report. Request to review the Noise By-Law. Coldest Night of the Year Fundraiser.

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Township Watch – February 2024

48 delegates spoke regarding the proposed Short-Term Rental Accommodation By-Law. Beach front hut at Windermere House? Staff work with Muskoka Lakes Snow Trails Association. Mortimer’s Point Road speed reduction. Township says yes to cannabis retails stores. Update on Muskoka hospitals. Township proceeds with updating their Comprehensive Zoning By-Law. New Strategic Plan to begin. AMPS policy passed.

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Township Watch – January 2024

No headway made in cannabis store in the Township of Muskoka Lakes. Community Improvement Plan boundaries to be expanded. EV charging stations in Bala and Port Carling. Corporate Asset Management Plan approved. New building inspectors and property standards officers hired. Community Planning Permit System not moving forward. 2024 growth numbers in the Township. Township’s new Official Plan has been appealed.

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Township Watch – December 2023

Highland Cannabis asks permission to open a store in the Township. Muskoka Lakes Snow Trails Association asks for Township support. Muskoka Lakes Chamber of Commerce Year End report. Fire station location study underway. Condition of Township assets. Council approves 2024 budget. By-laws and Zoning by-laws carry. Community Planning Permit System or Comprehensive Zoning By-Law. District Budget approved.

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Township Watch – November 2023

Hospice Muskoka asks for funding help. What should be included in arenas? Terms of Reference for capital works level of service and new strategic plan approved. January 2024 meeting schedule altered. Should the Township change to a Community Planning Permit System? Education on feeding wildlife. Short-Term Rental Regulation going forward. Township of Muskoka Lakes Official Plan approved by the District.

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Township Watch – October 2023

Dr. William S. Monk Community Health Care Fund established in hopes of attracting health care workers to Muskoka. Request to have Torrance Barrens monitored. No Parking by-law. Official Plan modification approved. Transportation Master Plan approved. Burgress Dam design contract awarded. Public meeting to be called for the Draft short-term rental licensing by-law. 2023 sewage re-inspection results. District Council contributes $77.3 million to hospitals “local share”.

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Township Watch – September 2023

Public input received on 2024 budget preparations. What the Muskoka Lakes Museum did in 2023. Both Muskoka arenas require work. Staff to prepare a 2024 budget at 6.9%. Township hires new Economic Development Officer. Order to Remedy confirmed by Council. Medora Street retaining wall to be repaired in spring 2024. Township returns OP comments to the District.

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Township Watch – August 2023

Roadwork on Juddhaven Road. 40 KM zone in Port Carling. Councillors to comment on Transportation Master Plan prior to approval. Letter of intent issued for EV stations in the Township. TML receives clean audit opinion. Noise by-law to be reviewed. Scott Aitchison brings greetings from Ottawa. Tree cutting without permits has consequences. Planning Committee to further discuss District comments to the Official Plan.

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Township Watch – July 2023

Township Procedural by-law under review. Working groups being established. Electric vehicle charging station coming to the Township? 2024 Township budget timelines. Dark sky communication posters available. By-laws amended to set AMPS fines. Councillor Moyer Kent appointed to Muskoka Lakes Chamber of Commerce board. By-annual by-law activity report. Delegation requests feeding wildlife by-law.

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Township Watch – June 2023

Muskoka Conservancy active in Muskoka Lakes. National Junior Hockey League team in Port Carling? Township implements “working groups”. Community centre kitchens more expensive than anticipated. Procedural By-law changes? Building inspectors and property standard officers appointed. Dark Sky- By-law approved by Council. Try to protect a Port Sandfield cemetery. Township looks for public input on Short Term Rental Licensing By-law & communication strategy.

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Township Watch – May 2023

Muskoka Tourism marketing Muskoka as four season destination. Healthcare providers needed in Muskoka. Arenas feasibility study approved. Fire station location study approved. Council approves Administrative Monetary Penalty System By-law. Planning Committee forwards Dark Sky By-law to Council for approval.

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Township Watch – April 2023

Transportation Master Plan Phase 1 findings presented to Committee. Burning by-law being updated. Administrative Monetary Penalty System By-law acceptance recommended to Council. Process for potential short-term rental licensing by-law started. Mayor Kelley appointed Chair of Muskoka Housing Task Force Committee.

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Township Watch – Sample Edition

48 delegates spoke regarding the proposed Short-Term Rental Accommodation By-Law. Beach front hut at Windermere House? Staff work with Muskoka Lakes Snow Trails Association. Mortimer’s Point Road speed reduction. Township says yes to cannabis retails stores. Update on Muskoka hospitals. Township proceeds with updating their Comprehensive Zoning By-Law. New Strategic Plan to begin. AMPS policy passed.

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Township Watch – March 2023

Township to undertake arena feasibility and fire station location studies. Muskoka Road 38 to be renamed Kanien’kehá:ka Iohatátie. Water levels page on Township website. District alternate Councillor named. Short-term rental by-law development process. Mayor Kelley orients himself with District meetings.

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Township Watch – February 2023

Process! MPAC review. What the Muskoka Lakes Public Library does. 40 km/h Sagamo Blvd. No changes to Community Improvement Plan for one year. Township to have “in house legal system” for fines. Township’s climate action plan. District Council meetings at 1 PM. ROMA.

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Township Watch – January 2023

Workers acknowledged during weather event. Presentations by the Muskoka Lakes Museum, Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare and Muskoka Lakes Chamber of Commerce. Rename Southwood Road? Water levels update. Hybrid meetings soon. Stove removal re-discussed. Dark Sky By-law to be amended. 2022 year-end statistics.

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Township Watch – December 2022

District Chair appointed. Township Clerk gives notice. Township Council appointments. Kitchen closures in Community Centres. 8.5% starting point for 2023 budget. Washroom upgrade. January 2023 meetings. Bill 23. Pre-Consultation By-Law proposed. Site Alteration & Tree Conservation fines set. Standing Committees and Deputy District Chair appointed.

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Township Watch – October 2022

Special Planning Committee for Draft Official Plan. How Watha Mohawks came to Muskoka? Southwood Road to “Prince Philip Way”? Pedestrian only area successful? Official Plan adopted. Part Highland Island rezone EP 1.

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