List of All Candidates – 2014

The Candidates:

Every voter can vote for 1 District Councillor, and 2 Township Councillors in the Ward where they reside, and all voters can vote for the Mayor.

The following table lists all the final candidates running for Council.

MayorDon Furniss
Alice Murphy
Ward ADistrict (1)Greg Knight
Ruth-Ellen Nishikawa
Township (2)Sandy Currie
Dianne Davidson
Matthew French
Donelda Knuckel
Ward BDistrict (1)Allen Edwards (acclaimed)
Township (2)Linda Barrick-Spearm
Gault McTaggart
Gunta Towsley
Ward CDistrict (1)Ron Brent
Phil Harding
Township (2)Jean Ann Baranik
Terry Ledger
Larrie MacRae
Jeff Mole