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Township Watch – July 2022

Parking restrictions placed on Armstrong Point Road. Parking and storage of trailers at Whiting Beach & Lawrence Pit discussed. Township given a 2021 “clean audit opinion”. Township’s Fire Master Plan recommends a feasibility study of the location of Township fire stations. “Shake The Lake” event to be held at Bush’s Watersports Park. Staff directed by resolution to review previous Short Term Rental By-Law. Approval of the Tree Conservation and Site Alteration By-Laws deferred by Council. Muskoka heritage plaque program requests funds to continue the program throughtout the Township of Muskoka Lakes. Draft Dark Sky By-Law to be uploaded to an Engage Muskoka Lakes page for public comment. Amendments to Comprehensive Zoning By-Law 14-14 further discussed at a Special Planning Committee meeting. Official Plan Amendment 56 Resort Village of Minett approved by District Council.

Township Watch – June 2022

Muskoka Watershed Council provides an update on their activities. Safe Quiet Lakes has biggest response to survey ever and presents results. 111 recommendations put forward for the Township’s Parks & Recreational Master Plan. Internet coming to the Raymond Community Centre. Municipal insurance premium to decrease with new provider. New internet for the Township office. Township appoints a new building inspector. District of Muskoka Community & Planning Services Committee and Township’s Planning Committee hold a joint public meeting to hear a plan of subdivision and zoning by-law amendment for proposed development in Port Carling. Staff directed to look into short term rental by-law in early 2023. Planning Committee recommends to Council to adopt the site alteration & tree preservation by-laws. Graydon Smith’s seat at District declared vacant. Commissioners of Engineering & Public Works and Community & Planning Services named at the District. Draft Official Plan proceeds to public open house and public meeting.

2022 Yearbook

Our cover photo this year (by David Long) is something we can all relate to, a young boy and his aunt entranced by the beauty of a Muskoka sky –albeit with a modern twist of locating various constellations through modern hand-held technology.

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