The Muskoka Lakes Chamber invites everyone in the health and wellness community to get to know each other better. Join us in person, or virtually, on February 29 to share health and wellness opportunities in Muskoka for ourselves and your clients.

Our Chamber’s goal? To learn about and share health supports available in Muskoka. You may want to attend if:

  • You are a healthcare provider and want Parry Sound-Muskokans to know you can support them.
  • You provide a wellness service.
  • You’re a charity supporting a health and wellness organization.
  • You have unique health needs.

Whether a practitioner or not, we all know people who could use some help but may not know where to find it. Possible outcomes?

  • One example is you may learn about the help Enliven Cancer Care provides for anyone at any point in their cancer journey.
  • Maybe you know someone or a relation to someone who could use support.
  • Maybe you need donors.

Let’s connect to learn what each other does and how we can help ourselves and others.

You do not have to be a Chamber Member to join us.