Thank you for renewing your membership in the Muskoka Ratepayers’ Association.

The Ratepayers have taken an number of initiatives this year to provide our members with information about the upcoming election for Councillors and Mayor in the Township of Muskoka Lakes.  We strongly believe that it is important to have a well-informed electorate so that they can make up their own mind ; we do NOT endorse any candidate.

To assist our members, the Ratepayers have:

  • Written a number of articles outlining how and when to vote, check whether you are on the voter list, identifying the list of certificated candidates, etc.
  • Sent each candidate a written list of questions for them to answer
  • Compiled their responses and consolidating these into a document that is made available to all our members
  • Ran a public All Candidates Meeting (ACM)  on September 24 where the candidates made presentations and responded to audience submitted questions
  • Videotaped the meeting and made the results available to our members

We have consolidated this information here: