Did You Know….

Everyone has the right to speak to Township Council & Committees?

If there is a specific topic that concerns or interests you and you believe it should be brought to the attention of Council there are two ways to go about it.

You can contact the Director of Legislative Services, Lauren Tarasuk, at ltarasuk@muskokalakes.ca and ask to delegate.  You should provide Ms. Tarasuk with your name, the organization you represent (if applicable),  the topic of your delegation and the month you wish to delegate. This must be done seven business days before you wish to delegate.  Ms. Tarasuk will determine what committee is best suited for your presentation.  See also  –  TML Delegation Policy

There is now another option available to those wishing to speak.  Anyone from the public can speak before Council for two minutes on ANY topic that is on the agenda that month.  No registration is necessary for this option.  Simply attend the Council meeting and when Mayor Harding asks for public comments indicate that you would like to speak.

To find out what topics are on the Council agenda, go to the Township website at www.muskokalakes.ca and

  • Click on the Township,
  • Click “Government Portal”
  • The meeting schedule will appear on the right side of the next page
  • Click on the Wednesday that is underlined
  • Then click on the link for Council
  • This will take you to the agenda for the Council meeting.

The agenda for the Council meeting is available by end-of-day the Friday prior to the Council meeting.

No registration is required to speak at Planning Committee meetings.  Anyone is permitted to speak for five minutes in support of or in opposition to an application at Planning Committee meetings.

We hope you find this information interesting and helpful.