Did You Know….

Changes have recently been made on how to delegate to Township Council or Committee.  The entire process can be found in the Township’s Procedural By-lawClick Here.

The highlights are as follows.  If you wish to delegate to Council/Committee you are required to make a delegation request to the Clerk seven days prior to the meeting.  This can be done in person, by email (cparoschy@muskokalakes.ca), regular mail or via fax.  Once a delegation is approved by the Clerk it will appear on an agenda.  Delegates are permitted to speak for five minutes and shall submit a written copy of their presentation to the Clerk five days prior to the meeting, not including the date of the meeting.  These timelines are firm!

Delegates must remain on topic!  Delegates must speak respectfully and not use offensive language.  If a delegate fails to follow these rules the Chair of the meeting may end the delegation.

It should be noted that the Chair of the requested meeting has the ability to deny delegation requests if it contravenes legislation, if the delegate has already spoken on the topic in the last 12 months, if it is deemed that the delegation is simply for generating publicity and to ensure that no person or group has an unfair advantage over another.

The link for the necessary form to be submitted to the Clerk can be found here: Delegate-Request-Form

Also, if there is something on an agenda that you wish to make comment about you may do so by submitting a request 24 hours prior to the beginning of the meeting.  You will be allowed five minutes to speak on any topic that is list on the agenda.

The link for the necessary form to be submitted to the Clerk to make Public Comment can be found here: Public-Comment-Request-Form

To find out what topics are on a Committee or Council agenda, go to the Township website at www.muskokalakes.ca and

  • Click “Government Portal and Webcasting”
  • The meeting schedule will appear on the right side of the next page
  • Click on the day that the meeting is being held, it will be underlined
  • Then click on the link for Council or a Committee
  • This will take you to the agenda package

Agenda packages are available by end-of-day the Friday prior to the meeting week.

No registration is required to speak at Planning Committee meetings.  Anyone is permitted to speak for five minutes in support of or in opposition to an application at Planning Committee meetings.

We hope you find this information interesting and helpful.