Treasurer Shannon Johnson presented Version 1 of the 2019 Township of Muskoka Lakes budget to the Committee of the Whole on January 22, 2019.  Ms. Johnson stated that the Township does not face challenges in the Operating Budget this year but there are significant infrastructure costs in coming years and therefore the Township must either increase taxes or reduce service levels. As in the past few years a 5% Capital levy has been added to the Capital budget to be transferred to discretionary reserves.

At the commencement of the meeting the levy was 5.12%, which equates to $1.61 of every $100,000.00 of property assessment – 2019 Budget – Draft 1. The Committee reviewed and debated the operational and capital budget, as well as the 10-Year Capital Forecast, for close to six hours. With the removal and addition of items to the Operating Budget, the levy currently sits at 5.81%, which equates to $2.41 per $100,000.00 of property assessment. Removal of items from the Fire Department and Emergency Management in the Capital Budget has resulted in the draft Capital Budget being reduced to $4,268,028.00.

Do not forget that the public budget meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 5th, 2019 at 7 PM in the Council Chambers. This is your opportunity to voice your concerns about the budget.