Tom Grajnar


How long have you been a Muskokan – We have enjoyed the natural beauty, small towns and people of Muskoka for over 20 years.

When did you join the Board of the Ratepayers – I joined the Ratepayers Board in 2021.

What interested you in serving on the Ratepayers board -The Ratepayers Board membership offers me an opportunity to help out with the activities of the Board while learning more about Muskoka, its  people and its politics. 

What do you believe is the most important issue we face here in Muskoka – The most important issue facing Muskoka is the default low-bar setting for the ethics for politicians.  We in Muskoka are fortunate to have politicians who of their own accord act to a high ethical standard and are genuinely concerned about the residents of Muskoka.  Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for some of our provincial politicians who promise the public one thing at election time and then do the opposite afterward in order to appease and enrich their political donors and other elites.  This low ethical bar causes these politicians to sidestep expert, scientific and evidence-based information and to ignore issues like climate change which itself is perhaps the greatest existential threat facing humanity as well as the residents, wildlife, forests, lakes and rivers of Muskoka.  This threat to the Muskoka that we cherish is further exacerbated by the rolling back of the various protections for wetlands, wildlife, the environment and municipal decisions so that they can no longer impede the interests of developers.  Improving the political system and setting a much higher ethical bar will move politicians to respect and act in the long-term interests of residents, and first peoples, wildlife and the environment instead of pandering to the short-term interests of political donors and other elites.

What is your background – My background is in science and business.