Lynda Bryden


How long have you been a Muskokan – I have been an enthusiastic cottager in Muskoka for over 50 years!

When did you join the Board of the Ratepayers – I joined the Muskoka Ratepayers Board in 2016, but have been to all of their annual meetings since my husband Douglas became active many years ago.

What interested you in serving on the Ratepayers Board – I have always been interested in the Ratepayers and their endeavours, so I was delighted to join them to add my voice and my opinions!

What do you believe is the most important issue we face here in Muskoka – Two big issues that Muskokans need to address , among many, are the environment and the economy.  Through our web pages and newsletters and at our annual meeting, we can keep our members informed about what is happening in Muskoka.

What is your background – I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from Victoria College, and a Teaching Certificate from Toronto Teachers’ College.  I taught elementary school in Toronto, and was a Teaching Consultant for the Toronto Board of Education.  I am an artist and enjoy working in watercolours and acrylics and for over 25 years have taught hundreds of students , to enjoy this wonderful hobby.  I love to paint the beauty of Muskoka wildflowers , landscapes and waterscapes.  I am a Mother to two married daughters , and a Grandmother to their four children.