Gord Carlton


How long have you been a Muskokan – We bought our cottage on the Moon River in 1996 and have spent the best times of my family’s lives here.

When did you join the Board of the Ratepayers –  I joined the Board of the Ratepayers in the summer of 2020 and look forward to continuing their good work.

What interested you in serving on the Ratepayers Board – Government is by nature political and Ratepayers is an important element in holding council to account. A strong voice is also required to address many of the issues facing Muskoka. All residents of Muskoka (seasonal and full-time) must be aware of the issues we face so that they too can participate in Muskoka development.

What do you believe is the most important issue we face here in Muskoka – Maintaining, sustaining and enhancing our environment must be first and foremost. In conjunction, we need to make Muskoka viable on a year round basis with increased business and jobs, both seasonal and full time. We need to support this with more and better affordable housing in appropriate locations.

What is your background – My career spanned more than 30 years as an Operations Consultant, working with clients, primarily in North America and Australia.  My client base was diverse, including large and medium sized businesses in Banking, Restaurants, Aerospace, Mining, Pulp and Paper, Manufacturing & Assembly and Healthcare.  As an Operations consultant, I optimized sections of clients  businesses in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.  I changed processes to improve the outcomes and optimize profitability.