Dee Denyar

Executive Assistant

How long have you been a Muskokan – I am fifth generation Muskokan.  I was not one month old the first time I came to Muskoka as a seasonal resident and moved here full time in November 2011.

When did you join the Board of the Ratepayers – I started working for the MRA in June 2012

What interested you in serving on the Ratepayers board – I am the executive assistant.

What do you believe is the most important issue we face here in Muskoka – I feel that preserving our lakes, waters and the environment is paramount as it it what brings people to Muskoka.

What is your background – I have four year degree in sociology with a legal studies option from the University of Waterloo.  A diploma in Regulatory Law Administration from Seneca College.  Also, I own my own antique business, called Olde Stuff Antiques.