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Join the Conversation with others in Muskoka Lakes

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Township Watch – August 2022

Lions request refund of rental monies for Peninsula Community Centre. Second quarter financial report presented to Committee. Fire Route By-Law would allow fire department to remove vehicles in fire routes. Township Integrity Commissioner received three formal complaints and seven informal complaints in last year. Integrity Commissioner contract extended to 2025. Fireworks exemption requests firmly denied. Council Chamber to be equipped with enhance hybrid meeting equipment. Tree Conservation and Tree Alteration By-Laws deferred when legal letter received by the Township. Plaque approved for Moon River Rock. OPA 56 Resort Village of Minett appealed. Sewage inspection reports completed for three areas of the Township of Muskoka Lakes. 202 by-law enforcement files opened between January 1st, 2022 to July 31st, 2022. Zoning By-Law Amendment 36-21 approved in part. Planning Committee receives comments at Official Plan Open House.

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