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Muskoka Road 169 - Road Closure Schedule

Muskoka Road 169 (Bala) will be fully closed at the North Bridge twice daily for periods up to 30 minutes. The closures are required to accommodate rock blasting at the North Bala Small Hydro Project.

Closures will commence on March 12, 2018 until further notice according to the following schedule:

            Monday to Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
  Sunday No closures


           Good Friday - March 30, 2018  
  Easter Monday - April 2, 2018  

The road closures are necessary to ensure public safety as a result of the blasting activities. A radius of 30 meters will be secured by the OPP restricting vehicles and pedestrians from the safety zone. This 30 m radius will include both lanes of Muskoka Road 169. ‎

Prior to each blast taking place, twelve (12) audible short whistles will be signaled. Following the blast, an all-clear siren will be sounded for 5 seconds.

Please watch for notifications on the electronic message boards located in Bala both in the north and south direction. In addition, updates will be provided on the District of Muskoka ( and Township of Muskoka Lakes ( websites.

Questions concerning the blasting activities should be directed to Swift River Energy Ltd. at 1-877-4099 or Questions concerning road closures should be directed to Engineering and Public Works at ‎or 1-800-261-2483 or 705-645-6764.

Township of Muskoka Lakes - 2018 Final Budget Approved

At a meetng of Council on February 16, the final Budget was approved after some additional debate. A copy of that can be found here -TML Budget - Final TML Budget - Final

At a Special Meeting of Council held on Thursday February 1st to hear public input on the budget,  the MRA provided comments that can be viewed at - The MRA comments on the Township Budget

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Muskoka Etiquette - 2018

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Township Watch - February 2018

The 2018 Township budget, several development projects  -  Read more about Township Watch - February 2018

MRA - 2018 TML Budget Comments

Comments on the proposed Township budget from the MRA at the February 1st Council meeting to receive public input.  -  Read more about MRA - 2018 TML Budget Comments

Township Watch - January 2018

District Official Plan Review, Winterfest, Villas of Muskoka, Legacy Cottages (Minett), TML Year End Reporting, Sign By-Law  -  Read more about Township Watch - January 2018

Economic Snapshots - Fall 2017

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Commercial Resort Properties - Comments

Some comments from the MRA on commercial resort development  -  Read more about Commercial Resort Properties - Comments

Bala Falls - Small Hydro Electric Project - 2017

After being granted access permits by the District in August, staging for the construction of the small hydro plant at Bala falls has started. Not unexpectedly, there were demonstrations on the Labour Day weekend. For more details, please read the full article The Muskoka Ratepayers’ Association has not in the past, nor do we now, take a position for or against the proposed small hydro plant at Bala Falls.  -  Read more about Bala Falls - Small Hydro Electric Project - 2017

Did You Know - About the Health Hub ?

What you need to know about the Muskoka Health Hubs  -  Read more about Did You Know - About the Health Hub ?

Municipal Conflict of Interest Act

Mayor Furniss launches civil proceeding against Councillor Nishikawa over Conflict of Interest  -  Read more about Municipal Conflict of Interest Act

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