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Township Draft Official Plan

The Township has formally released a draft Official Plan for public review and comment. The draft Official Plan is based on a series of Policy Directions that were endorsed by Council on August 12, 2020 and then modified on October 28 and 30, 2020. A series of meetings were then held with the Official Plan Review Working Committee and/or Planning Committee on March 29th, April 1st, 6th, 16th and 26th, June 23rd and 24th, July 6th and September 1, 2021 to review iterations of the draft policy framework. The result of these many discussions is a draft Official Plan dated October 2021.

A copy of the latest draft can be foind here -TML Official Plan - Draft 2 TML Official Plan - Draft 2

More details can be found on the Township web site at - OP - Survey and Open House

AGM 2021 / Yearbook

Once again, due to COVID-19, the board decided to cancel the in person meeting.

The meeting will be held via ZOOM at 10am Saturday August 28th, 2021. If you choose to attend, please email us at

Once again, we are forced to produce an electronic only version of our 2021 Yearbook.  This has been emailed to our members, but a copy is also available here - Yearbook - 2021 Yearbook - 2021


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Township of Muskoka Lakes - 2021 Operating and Capital Budget

The Township of Muskoka Lakes Council has approved the 2021 Operating and Capital Budget.

A copy of the approved Operating and Capital Budget (Feb 24) may be accessed here -Approved 2021 Budget Approved 2021 Budget

The Ratepayers commentd on the Capital Budget are available here - MRA Comments - Capital Budget

The Ratepayers commentd on the Operating Budget are available here - MRA Comments - Operating Budget

The District of Muskoka Tax Supported Operating and Capital Budget has also been approved (March 15) and  a copy is available here - 2021 District Budget

Township By-Law Enforcement

The Township has recently produced a 2-page summary regarding their by-laws and the enforcement procedures.  This covers noise, tree cutting, ATV usage as well as many more areas.  A copy of that summary can be found here -TML By-Law. Enforcement TML By-Law. Enforcement

Consider posting a copy in your cottage.


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Ratepayers' Comments on 2022 Budget Process

The Ratepayers comment on the 2022 proposed budget process  -  Read more about Ratepayers' Comments on 2022 Budget Process

Township Watch - September 2021

New deputy clerk named for the Township. Special Planning Meeting held to discuss changes to the Official Plan, public input to be received this fall. Fire Department administration to be relocated to the Port Carling Fire Station to optimize space in the Township offices. Were you ticketed for parking on Beaumaris Road? Public input on the Bala Falls Bridge design brought to Council. Swift River Energy Limit completes rehabilitation of Portage Landing Parkette. Township to seek public input on Port Carling and Bala community improvement plan. Public voiced major concerns on draft by-law for legal non-complying lot provisions and accessory building provisions. 2021 septic system re-inspections program annual report. Draft fireworks by-law suggests ban on fireworks except for five specific days.  -  Read more about Township Watch - September 2021

Township Watch - August 2021

Planning Committee makes recommendations for Official Plan Amendment 56 ~ Minett. Further discussions take place regarding parking on Marina Road and Beaumaris Road. Township Fire Stations may become sites for Food Rescue. 2022 budget proposes a tax increase of 5% over 2021 budget. Township office to open for 15 minute by appointment meetings. Proposed Race Boat Museum deferred a second time for further discussions. Draft Community Improvement Plan approved by Planning Committee. Request to limit fireworks to statutory holidays or by permit. Official Plan Review and By-law enforcement for site alteration and tree preservation discussions rescheduled.  -  Read more about Township Watch - August 2021

Township Watch - July 2021

No parking on Beaumaris Road a concern to island property owners. Members of the public question transparency of No Parking signs erected on Marina Road. License agreement defeat on Moon River Road. Township to seek public input on Bala Falls Bridge design. 2021 Bala Cranberry Festival request to the Township. Proposed Rogers cell tower on Highway 141 deferred. Bell cell tower on the north shore of Skeleton Lake issued letter of concurrence. Lengthy discussion on site alteration and tree preservation. New waste management strategy for the District of Muskoka.  -  Read more about Township Watch - July 2021

Ratepayers Comments on 2021 Township Operating Budget

The Ratepayers comment of the Township's 2021 Operating Budget  -  Read more about Ratepayers Comments on 2021 Township Operating Budget

Ratepayers Comments on 2021 Township Capital Budget

The Ratepayers comment of the Township's Capital Budget  -  Read more about Ratepayers Comments on 2021 Township Capital Budget

Letter to Ministry of the Environment - Torrance Barrens

Concerns regarding illegal activities, accumulation of garbage and failing infrastructure of the Torrance Barrens and Hardy Lake Parks prompt the Muskoka Ratepayers to write Minister Yurek. Upon receipt, a reply from Minister Yurek, it will be added  -  Read more about Letter to Ministry of the Environment - Torrance Barrens

Letter to Council re Official Plan

Letter to Township Council re Official Plan  -  Read more about Letter to Council re Official Plan

Delegating at Council

Have something to say? Want to tell Council what you think? Here's how.  -  Read more about Delegating at Council

Muskoka Etiquette

A set of suggestions to live by  -  Read more about Muskoka Etiquette
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